Patient Testimonials

“Best Customer Service I Ever Received!”

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“ Visiting Dr Nowak office was a pleasant visit; before I arrived at the office I could tell that I was going to have a great experience. When I made the phone call to schedule my appointment for Therma Lipo procedure the staff was very informative and helpful. My visit overall was the best customer service I ever received. Dr Nowak is a great doctor. Overall I am very satisfied with my procedure, doing this treatment I've got my self confidence back, I haven't felt this good about my self in years. Thanks a lot for your awesome work. I recommend this place to my friends and family any day! ”
Inacia D.

“I Am Absolutely Satisfied With Everything!”

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“ I Am Absolutely Satisfied With Everything! ”
Jennifer Ball

“The Best Thing Ever!”

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“I heard about it on the TV news and I called and make myself an appointment. I had it done and it was “The best thing ever”. Dr. Nowak is unbelievable , makes you feel very comfortable . You feel like you’re part of the family and the results are unbelievable. Did not hurt I was very comfortable and the next day I was doing my normal things. I’ll definitively recommend Dr. Nowak and Thermalipo. ”

“Best Customer Service I Ever Received!”

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“ I had acculift done with Dr. Nowak in Chula Vista because I had fat underneath my chin and neck area. Take a good look on my before and after pictures. They are amazing and I love my results. I feel more comfortable. I trusted Dr. Nowak you should too. ”
Ana Blancas

“I'm Thrilled!”

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“ ...I'm Thrilled! ”

“Treated Me Like I Was At Home!”

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“ I was planning to do something for myself and I did my research and found Dr.Nowak I had my procedure done and I felt GREAT so much that I did a second procedure and it was excellent, excellent. The staff treated me like I was at home. I really recommend Dr. Nowak. ”

“I Feel Like A Million Dollars!”

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“ ...Dr. Nowak and his staff are fabulous! Thank you, thank you, thank you! ”

“Incredibly Pleased”

“ I am sooooo incredibly pleased with my first Botox and Juvederm experience! I feel and look amazing and I have been telling EVERYONE!!!! Can't wait to come back! ”

“I Would Change Nothing!”

“ I would change nothing, I was visiting another doctor for about 7 months before Dr.Nowak and I must say for the first time I felt like the DR knew what he was talking to me about. He really paid attention to my issue and has alot of ideas and options for me to take care of my problem and the staff very nice and lovely ladies, great customer service it felt really good to be there. Thank you all and Dr.Nowak. I will see you next month! ”
Hector Ascencio

“On A Scale from 1-10 This Was Definitely A 10!”

“ I love the environment, and I love how Dr. Nowak takes the time to listen to all I have to say which helps him diagnose me better. On a scale from 1-10 this was definitely a 10! ”
Kimiko S.

“Extremely Comfortable At All Times!”

“ Dr. Nowak and staff made me feel extremely comfortable at all times and were very informative about surgery and what to expect. Thank you!!! ”
J.M., Age 31

“Very Knowledgeable and Doesn’t Offer False Hope!”

“ The staff is wonderful. The doctor is very knowledgeable, friendly and listens to his patients. First I would like to say that the staff is very competent in preparing their patients. You can tell they really enjoy their job. Dr. Nowak is extremely caring and listens to what his patient is telling him. He is very knowledgeable and doesn’t offer false hope. He also tells you what your role will be going forward... lifestyle change (eating habits). ”
A.C., Age 46

“Would Recommend to Anyone!”

“ The personnel in office were outstanding in courtesy & professionalism. Was made to feel safe & comfortable before & after procedure.Would recommend to anyone ”
M.S., Age 69

“Worth Paying For!”

“ The quality of service & results are worth paying for ”
R.H., Age 51

“I Have Found the Joy!”

“ I have found the joy in shopping for new clothes again; I went from a size 10/12 to a size 6 ”
Sandra, Age 51

“Not Only Was it PAIN FREE, but Also Relaxing!”

“ Thank you very much for the wonderful and caring treatment I received recently when I came to have my CPT Thermage Treatment. As you know I was very apprehensive about doing Thermage again after having the full face and eye treatment two years ago because of the pain involved during the procedure. While I LOVED the smooth, tight, beautiful skin as a result of that Thermage procedure, I did not like the pain involved and it was quite a dilemma in considering future treatments.
I was so skeptical that the procedure could be done pain free, so much so, that even while driving on my way to have it done again a few weeks ago I almost cancelled out of fear. Well, am I glad I overcame my fear and went through with the CPT Thermage. It really was PAIN FREE!!! In fact, not only was it pain free, but the vibration was relaxing and felt a bit like a massage!! Amazing!
So now I can have my cake and eat it too which we middle age woman rarely have. My skin is bright, smooth, and tight and everyone tells me I look so healthy and great! Thanks again Dr. Nowak you and your team are truly wonderful. ”
J.F., Age 49

“My Family Dermatologist for Life!”

“ I live in Coronado, Ca. and choose to visit Dr. Eugene Nowak, a board certified dermatologist in East Lake, (Chula Vista, Ca) quite frequently. His office is so beautiful, it rivals anything in Beverly Hills. The warm soft colors, the fountain and most importantly his friendly staff. I first went to see Dr. Nowak about my moles, my son's small bumps on his arms, and other dermatological concerns. I immediately took a liking Dr. Nowak's calm demeanor, he's patience. He listens, he's warm and friendly. He has a wonderful bed-side manner. AND you don't have to wait YEARS to get an appointment. I then quickly learned he has procedures that make this 40-something yr-old look and feel better. I got Fraxel laser treatments, to give me better looking skin, Botox to get rid of my lines in my forehead, and other beauty treatments that will stay between me and Dr. Nowak. Sh sh... His prices are competitive.. Just call any Spa in La Jolla, and compare prices, and you'll see. Weather you have a medical need for a Dermatologist, or want prettier skin, to get rid of your lines, or a smaller waist, go see Dr. Nowak! You'll like the results, but best of all you'll like your Dr.! I feel safe enough with this doctor to entrust my own child with him, I can whole heartedly recommend the same for you! He'll be my Family Dermatologist for Life! ”
Maria V.

“The Best Choice I've Made For Myself Ever!”

“ Let me start by saying, I have never been to a dermatologist in my life. I guess I always (and still believe) that money can be better spent on other things. I am now nearly 55 years of age and did the procedure known as therma lipo on my arms. This was the best thing I have ever done for me. Prior to this I would not wear short sleeves even in very hot temperatures. I have always had arms that do not look normal for my body size. If I lost weight it would not come from my arms, if I lift weights they got larger. . My kids are now grown, and I felt it was time to do something for me. This was by far the best choice I've made for myself ever. I now can go sleeveless if I want to. No more giant arms, and no scars. No one at work even knows I did anything. Only took one day off work, (the day of the procedure). I would do this again in a heartbeat...I recommend this to everyone who has a problem with what they see in the mirror. Don't wait until your 55, but if you are, do it now. ”

“I can’t tell you how happy I am!!!”

“ I had a filler treatment last night on my smile lines and under my eyes. I can’t tell you how happy I am!!! I can’t stop looking in the mirror. I don’t know why I didn’t do something like this sooner! ”

“Tremendously Happy!”

“ Dr. Nowak and his staff at Nowak Aesthetics are my skin's angels. I first went in to his office a few months ago in tears over some skin issues I was struggling through. The most troubling one was a tattoo infection. I was healing from the second session of a very large tattoo that covers my back. During the healing it got infected somehow, which grew to an excruciating pain all over my back. On top of the pain, I was absolutely terrified that this huge and very personal tattoo was getting destroyed and I was scared that I had disfigured my body forever.
I realized that most dermatologists deal with REMOVING tattoos, and probably cringe when they see people get new ones, but I love mine and I wanted it to heal as beautifully as possible so I could be proud to display it when it's finished. I desperately needed someone to tell me that somehow everything was going to be ok. Dr. Nowak did exactly that. He was gentle and kind, and thorough with his treatment. He prescribed me the medicines and ointments I needed to heal and prevent future bacterial infections in the area. Most of all he just calmed me down and let me know that I was in good hands.
Dr. Nowak asked me to come back every couple of weeks so he could check on me while I was healing. That area is completely healed now and I am going to have the final touches done on my tattoo in a few weeks. I will continue seeing Dr. Nowak until my tattoo is completely done though, to make sure everything is healing as it should.
I learned I could trust Dr. Nowak's expertise so I brought two of my other skin issues to his attention. The first, I had been struggling with persistent and unexplainable breakouts on my face and neck. I had visited numerous aestheticians for purifying/cleansing/hydrating facials and none of them helped the problem. I was told it was "hormonal" and untreatable by many aestheticians. BUT now that my skin is in Dr. Nowak's hands my face is finally completely clear and my skin looks incredible! This has improved my confidence tremendously and helped me feel like myself again.
My last skin issue was one that started a couple years ago when I used someone else's boxing gloves at the gym and got a wart on my hand as a result. That one little wart grew and spread and resisted ALL over the counter medications. In fact, the treatments I bought at the store only made it grow and spread more. I visited 2 different dermatologists 3 times each to treat the area and they both gave up after the third time, telling me I would just have to wait until my body cured it on my own. I felt so helpless and self-conscious about the hideous growth on my hand that I'd cover it with a band-aid every time I'd go out around people. I told Dr. Nowak about it and he looked at me and said, "Don't worry, we'll treat it until it's gone." And that's all I wanted to hear from a doctor. I just wanted someone to say, "We won't give up on you. We'll find a solution," and Dr. Nowak was the first dermatologist I visited that said that to me. Since then we've been treating it both with freezings and an ointment, and although it's still persistent and not completely gone, it has definitely decreased in size and I'm continuing to visit Dr. Nowak until it's gone altogether.
I am tremendously happy with Dr. Nowak's office and have been treated with respect by his kind and friendly staff every time I've visited. I feel so relieved to know that I have him to look after me. And I'm looking forward to learning about more of their services and products for maximizing skin health”

“Best Dermatologist & Staff!”

“ I have had a few procedures done with Dr. Nowak. He is such an artist with fillers and very gentle and kind. His staff is #1. Very professional and nice. I would not hesitate going for more treatments with Dr. Nowak and highly recommend him to my family and friends. ”

“The Best Dermatologist in San Diego!”

“ Dr. Nowak hands down is the best dermatologist in San Diego. He has a great bedside manner, works with the latest technology, and really cares about his patients. His staff is great to work with and he really is honest about letting you know what you need, or don't need. ”
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Dr. Nowak

Dr. Eugene J. Nowak
D.O., F.A.O.C.D

  • Founder of Nowak Aesthetics
  • Board Certified Dermatologist
  • Sigma Sigma Phi National Honor Society
  • Chief Resident, POH Medical Center
  • Resident Liason to the American Ostheopathic College Of Dermatology Board of Directors